So what is this blog about, exactly?

Have you ever had a sick relative or friend, or even been sick yourself? Yeah, of course you have. The world is not perfect: people get sick all the time. But do you actually know why the illness came about – what went wrong while the body was just trying to mind it’s own business, why were certain treatments used, and why can’t everyone get better?

Doctors tend to be very busy, so while following their orders is wise (believe it or not, they haven’t gone through the rigorous training for nothing), lots of patients seem to be left with an incomplete understanding of their condition. Google is the logical next step for many, but it’s no picnic trying to navigate between the scientific jargon of research papers and the obscure claims of popular magazines.

I don’t think it should be this way. I believe that everyone has the right to understand what is happening with their body and to get this knowledge in a form that is both easily understood and satisfactory in the amount of detail.

In this blog I attempt to make medical knowledge more accessible. I will go through different sources and filter the information that seems most reliable and relevant to me. I will try to explain scientific concepts in relatively lay terms. During 365 days, I will write to you about 365 common illnesses, in the hope that you and also I will gain something in the process. Scientific training should not be a prerequisite for understanding such an integral, personal, and emotional part of life as illness.

Please remember that I do not have any medical training. I am not a healthcare professional. Any contents of this blog should NOT be considered a substitute for consulting a doctor. Please seek proper medical attention if you think you might be ill. 

Whether you have an illness, know someone with an illness, or just want to know more as someone living in a world filled with illness, I welcome you to my blog. I hope you will find it enlightening.


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